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Viget Explorations

Tech Lead & Front-End Developer
Astro, Tailwind, Canvas API, CSS Scroll-Driven Animations

Explorations are the result of teams exploring ideas and uncovering insights about what the digital future might bring, from AI assisted meal selection to the future of fantasy football. I led a small team of developers in modernizing the infrastructure, migrating legacy explorations to a new framework, and building a new primary landing page.

New Landing Page

The new landing page was built with Astro, a web framework which is focused on fast content-first websites. Astro’s content collections feature was implemented for landing page content, which provided automatic Typescript type safety for Markdown content, as well as a getCollection() function for retrieving lists of content collection entries by collection name.

Canvas Animations

The top of the landing page featured a dynamically rendered star field, with a shooting star animation following a path resembling a sine wave. Both of these were rendered with the Canvas API.

CSS Scroll-Driven Animations

The rest of the landing page featured individual sections for each exploration, each with a scroll-triggered reveal effect. The technique used a combination of the new Scroll-Driven Animations Level 1 Specification, with Custom Properties, Style Queries, and Transitions. The end result was a CSS-only Scroll-Triggered animation, nearly indstinguishable from similar approaches done with the IntersectionObserver API.

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